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Kimiko Dreams
This is just an updated reminder for those who are new to my blog or haven't gotten around to it...

Please remember I am not allowed to use LJ as my blog. If you want to read what I write you must go to my site. http://www.kimiko-dreams.com (though it's been a while since I use twitter). Below is a list of places you can find me and what's there.

My livejournal Syndicated Feed is working again and you are welcome to add it to your friends' list if you don't use any other feed reader or RSS reader. That link is: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/kimikodreams/

All you people who did this....I LOVE YOU!

Kimiko Dreams - journal site. personal stuff mostly (http://www.kimiko-dreams.com)
TaleChasing - podcast/blog - about urban fantasy - writing and reading it (http://www.talechasing.com)
Guardians - my podcast urban fantasy novel (when I can get back to it) (http://www.guardiansnovel.com)
Gifted Reader - My professional voice acting site (hire me!!) (http://www.gifted-reader.com)
Power In Practice - BDSM Power Exchange Lifestyle Podcast (http://www.powerinpractice.com)

@kimidreams - personal and writing
@giftedreader - voice acting and my gigs
@reaganfischer - main character of my podcast novel (currently on hold)

Email me - kimiko@kimiko-dreams.com

Call me to hire me or leave a comment for any number of blogs. 201-830-1586

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Chapter 2 of Guardians is live and kicking!

The Story up to now: Regan, a bodyguard for celebrities and socialites, escorts the mayor’s son to a museum benefit for a religious archeologist seeking more money. Before we get to find out much about the Dr or the people at the party, we find out that her contact Andre is missing, her sister goes out of her way to guilt her into coming to see her the next day and then that something is wrong that an old friend and one of the venue security think she needs to be in on. Find out what happens next in Chapter 2

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Last Saturday, I'm happy to announce, the first Chapter of Guardians went live. You can go to http://www.guardiansnovel.com to hear it!

So far it's gotten rave reviews. I was on Jackie Kessler's "Cat and Muse". Karen Syd from Echelon Press recommended it.

I would love to know what you think! Don't be shy.

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It was a little slow coming out but Angellus Journals: 10 is up and alive. ;) (Johnny 5 is alive!)

Things are so crazy while I get ready for Balticon next week, and I have been trying to head off the flue that I slipped a bit on my time release. But I believe this is the best question answered so far! Check it out.

For anyone who only wants to use livejournal to check on my Guardians feed you can add it here: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/guardiansnovel

The RSS feed is http://www.guardiansnovel.com/feed
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Just a bit behind but the Angellus Journals: 4 was released last Sunday. AJ:5 will be up on Monday!

From the Podcast Novel: Guardians by Kimi Alexandre here's your chance to ask Kimi, her characters, or her cast any question you'd like!

Who knew that a trip to a museum benefit to guard an underwear model could change a girl’s whole life? Raegan Fischer stepped into a closet but didn’t quite come out alone. Now she’s part of a secret but no one let her in on the rules. It’s set to put her smack in the middle of a celestial police investigation she’s not equipped to deal with.

In order to protect her sanity, her body, and people she cares about, she’s going to have to figure out who isn’t what they appear to be, play a game of spiritually enlightened catch up, and track down an artifact that holds a dangerous key to the whole thing.


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You comment to this post, and I list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random — then you post that list, with your commentary, to your lj. I and other people get our lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Here's the ones I have received from other people...since I'm not sure if I'm suppose to reply to them since they did me I'm going to let them ask me so I don't involve anyone who doesn't want to be :P

Your 5
from lifeofservice
1. Writing - yay writing! chapter 5 and on baby!
2. Twitter - everyone should be involved with twitter
3. Sushi - mmmm good
4. Twilight - swoon
5. Backseat texting - i don't do it as often as i use to :)

Dare to Play
from sir_lone_wolf
Soldier: great movie and i really like the thought that you see me this way :) thnx
Vampire: again...swoon
Author: thank you for saying author and not writer :)
Dojo: kick ass!
The Dark Hamster: ok wtf does this mean? :)

(no subject)
from njlexi

My first massage at Paddles - hehe :) i didn't know i was the first there ;)
Massage at class in Philly - i do remember that class. kinda weird
Dinner at Friendly's - fun but awkward
Mutual melt-downs - yeah we gotta work on that
Resilient - i like that. like...plastic wrap :0

from flaggestate
Funny - that's saying something. it's not easy to make you laugh
History - history is full of war...make love not war!
Helpful - i'm glad I've been helpful to you :)
Painfully poor judgment - it's a learning curve...i am in good company among many
"Waiting for the miracle" - on some things I can see that...

from sweetcandymike
Volunteer Czar - god i'm glad that's over
Smells Power - and it's NOT like teen spirit
Choke Hold - when the pinky hold fails a good fall back
Transitions - does that lead to transcendence?
Long Term Loyalty - they shoot you for that don't they?

I will respond with the answers to your lj inbox so you can post them back to your pages :)
As an aside don't forget to add these links so you can see my normal blogs on your friends page:

Tale Chasing: podcast/blog for urban fantasy writers/readers- syndicated | website

Kimiko Dreams: personal website: syndicated | website

Power In Practice: bdsm podcast/blog website (i just help run this one)

Guardians: the podcast novel written by myself syndicated | website

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It's been a while since I put up a post to link to all the things you might find interesting. For those who are new, please know that I don't update this journal as I have a website at another location. I do have syndicated linkes for them however. So below you will find links to the blogs I am part of that are syndicated so you can get them via your friends page and a few links you might want to subscribe to if you also do RSS feeds. :) Enjoy!

Tale Chasing: podcast/blog for urban fantasy writers/readers- syndicated | website

Kimiko Dreams: personal website: syndicated | website

Power In Practice: bdsm podcast/blog website (i just help run this one)

There are many more interesting links you'll find on each site so feel free to peruse but these are my main focus these days. :)
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i've decided i'm screening comments just in case. :) if you don't see it...doesn't mean i didn't get it. likely won't share any of them

*edit 2/20/07 8:18*
Since someone was confused why I posted this I'm explaining myself. I've been getting comments on my livejournal now and then. Most of the time I don't mind them. they are from friends who don't go to my main site to leave comments on my blog. but i have also been getting messages from people i don't know leaving unkind things...so to prevent that and not have to deal with it i'm simply putting the journal on default moderation.

i didn't want any of my friends who left comments here to think i wasn't getting them though I don't use this as my blog.
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Since Tatsumi just set up her syndication feed I'll give you all our family's links one more time. :)

Tatsumi - tatsumigirl
Kimi - kimikodreams
Soulhuntre - soulhuntre

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It's time to remind all you cool people who subscribe to this LJ on your friend's list that you are missing out on the cool stuff I post if you aren't subscribed to my RSS feed or my syndicated LJ feed.

All ya gotta do is click here kimikodreams and POOF my real website's blog is now on your friend's list! See how easy that was???

Btw...Daddy's is here soulhuntre
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