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19 December 1971
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I'm Kimi from the website Girl2.com
Recently I have gone back to my former site Kimiko Dreams though it's been a long while since it's been updated. I use Twitter CONSTANTLY and it hardly seems worth journaling when you can find out pretty much second by second what I'm doing from twitter. That is at @kimidreams by the way (my personal life and writing). @giftedreader is for my voiceover interactions and updates.

I run the Tale Chasing Podcast talking about my journey to publication as I work on my urban fantasy stories and book projects.

I am also running my voice business website, Gifted Reader . I have been doing voice overs and voice acting professionally since 2008 and have done voice work for toys, documentaries, training CDs, audiobooks and podcast novels, and music for the European Hardstyle scene. You can see a list of all my credits, and demos over at Gifted Reader under credits. Check Tale Chasing for my writerly credits.

This journal is mostly for me to be able to comment to my friends and make contacts.. If you want to see me, read me, and watch me visit Kimiko Dreams. Check my live journal's syndicated page and add me if you want to keep up with when I update my news page on Kimiko Dreams.

I am also a professional tarot reader. I am happy to do readings. You can contact me for readings at Gifted Reader or by calling me at 1-800-ASK-KEEN begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-ASK-KEEN      end_of_the_skype_highlighting x04646

P.S. I am a member of
joli_icons and a few other angie communities. There are lots of talented people who make awesome icons, some of which I rotate through as my icon. I would name them all but the list would be huge! Go check them out!

Best Icon ever that I use goes to: by_myself_

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